A music festival held at Federal Hotels International


Plan any events small to big or cozy to flamboyant

The moment you step into any FHI hotels, Plaza Low Yat or BB Park, you are special to us. Plan any events small to big or cozy to flamboyant, we will undoubtedly make it the best event you’ve ever organized. Our team of dedicated professionals, with years of experience and keen eye for details creating the best moments in life for our guests, will ensure that your special day or days be handled meticulously for the end-result you desire.

Snap of night party at Federal Hotels International

Our excellent choice of facilities that meets the demands of today, will ensure that every need of yours be met with perfection. Our team of F&B specialists will also ensure that, along with the success of your event, the appetite of your attendees will be fulfilled with carefully crafted menus.

Along with our exceptional rooms and amenities, the success of any day can only be measured when it is time to turn in for the night. Anything you need for a peaceful night’s rest is in our room for an oasis of solitude. And if there is anything extraordinary you need, our team is always on hand to serve you, whether in Kuala Lumpur or in Sydney.

You will have peace of mind when you organise any type of event with Bukit Bintang Event Spaces (BBES). Comprising of 4 of the best and well-known landmarks in Kuala Lumpur city, The Federal Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur, Plaza Low Yat and BB Park. Each venue can cater to any specific need that you may require, be they the conventional or the daring. Speak to us and be surprised when everything you desire is within easy reach.

Award-winning event spaces located right in the heart of the city, atop Bukit Bintang.
BBES is managed by FHI